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JUKI DDL-9000C-SMS-NB-AK154 High-Speed Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine

JUKI DDL-9000C-SMS-NB-AK154 High-Speed Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine
JUKI DDL-9000C-SMS-NB-AK154 High-Speed Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine
JUKI DDL-9000C-SMS-NB-AK154 High-Speed Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine
JUKI DDL-9000C-SMS-NB-AK154 High-Speed Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine

JUKI DDL-9000C-SMS-NB-AK154 High-Speed Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine
Presser Feet, Folders & Binder. JUKI DDL-9000C-SMS-NB-AK154 High-Speed Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine. JUKI DDL-9000C-SMS-NB-AK154 High-Speed Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine With Automatic Trimmer, Table and Servo Motor. High Speed Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine Comes with Automatic Trimmer, Table, Legs, Servo Motor and LED Lamp. Continuous sewing is one of the hallmarks of Juki? But even continuous sewing on an automatic grade machine involves a wide range of variations.

For a professional shop, you? Re not making the same thing every day.

Re working on denim; tomorrow you? Re working on wool or cotton. Next week is all about silks. Each time you change projects, the machine needs to be re-set for the new fabric, taking time away from sewing.

S DDL 9000C-SMS is the newest digital innovation in professional sewing that takes your business to the next level. Automated functions and a setting memory you can easily program to speed up project completion. The digital control panel lets you automate many of the functions for projects you make repeatedly. Your products will receive the best quality stitching and seams, every time. All About The DDL-9000C Model.

Fully automatic single needle lockstitch sewing machine. This machine works best for light to medium weight materials and is ideal for knits and cottons. It includes other automated functions such as. As one of the fastest industrial machines available, the 9000C? S powerful Servo motor can produce up to 5,000 stitches per minute.

It includes automatic thread cutting at less than 3mm. Completely digitized settings mean your machine won? T have to be manually re-set for each type of garment made. Re-setting for every garment leaves variables that can result in errors with incorrect stitch settings. High-quality seams with consistent stitching become the norm when you implement standard settings, and you can add them right into the electronic user panel.

S operation for multiple thicknesses, such as sewing hems over seams. The fully adjustable digital up-and-down feed drive and feed locus prevent uneven fabric feeding and prevent?

Active tension and presser guarantee consistent seam quality. Function panel is as easy to operate as any smartphone.

The automatic settings for various fabrics and products let you load sewing pattern settings into the machine? You will spend less time setting the machines and more time sewing with better results than ever before. 5,000 Stitches Per Minute 1. Lift of the Pressure Foot by Hand.

Lift of the Pressure Foot By Knee. Ift of the Pressure Foo.

T: 1st stage 5.0 mm? 2nd stage 8.5 mm? Adjustable on the operation panel. Built in the top of machine head (provided with the bobbin thread retaining plate). JUKI New Defrix Oil No.

1 or JUKI CORPORATION GENUINE OIL 7 (equivalent to ISO VG7). Distance from needle to machine arm? Compact AC Servo Motor (400W) that is directly connected to the main shaft (direct-drive system). AK154 - Provided (Driven by Petal). An industrial sewing machine with an app that you can use to program settings?

S Smart App allows garment-specific programming for each machine at the touch of a button. Using an app means you can program length, fabric type and thickness, and other specifics that are necessary for each individual style and garment. You can do this with from an iOS or Android tablet and load the sewing patterns into the machine wirelessly. Create the sewing pattern data files by programming each stitch and function into a file, then name the files i. The user can easily switch the settings from a heavy wool coat to a silk shirt at the touch of a button, all while retaining identical stitch and seam quality. Give each of these sewing patterns files a name for each specific project, then upload them quickly with the app to use immediately. You can transfer these files and other data to and from the machine, including output charts and other sewing cycle information, as well as working time and downtime. Standard clutch motors can be noisy, slow, heavy, and hot, not to mention energy hogs! They also tend to have inconsistent speed, depending on how far the pedal is pushed.

Servo motors are quieter, cooler, lighter, and use as much as 90% less energy as a clutch motor, and you can adjust the speed. They stay at that set speed no matter how hard, or long you push on the pedal, giving the operator greater control.

Your shop will stay cooler and be less noisy no matter how much you run the machine. Reversing the motor rotation is easy, and there are no parts to wear out. S machines come equipped with a servo motor.

The 9000C model includes a powerful and quiet Compact AC Servo Motor (400W) that is directly connected to the main shaft a direct-drive system. Advantages of a Servo Motor. They use up to 90% less power than clutch motors. They are 1/3 lighter than clutch motors. With a flick of the switch you can reverse motor rotation. No parts to wear out or adjust. No matter how hard you press the foot pedal configured speed remains the same. The AC154 Auto-Lifter Foot Pedal. T it be great if the foot pedal took care of itself while you sew? What if you could adjust the presser foot to accommodate thicker layers of fabric? The fully digitized DDL-9000C comes standard with the AK-154 Auto Lifter Foot Pedal, which automatically moves the presser foot up and down before and after stitching.

Activated on the control panel, it? S operated with the knee pedal. Complete with its own stepping motor, you can change the presser foot height from the standard 8½? The electronic feed mechanism stops the feed dogs from poking out through the throat plate, preventing fabrics from damage. Can I use the Smart App to load sewing patterns into multiple machines?

For each machine, follow the instructions for how to load patters from the app. What comes with this machine?

In addition to the Servo motor, it includes a table, legs, an LED lamp, a finger guard around the needle, and an automatic thread trimmer. How many sewing patterns can I add into the machine? You can load up to 99 patterns into the memory of one Juki DDL 9000C.

Is this machine already assembled? Where can I get more information on this machine to decide if it? S right for me and my business? Ve put all of the relevant Juki manuals (including one for the Smart App) on this page for you to download and review. GoldStar Tool Is Your JUKI Headquarters. As an authorized Juki dealer, we can offer you some of the finest sewing machines on the planet. Juki has been making sewing machines for over 80 years. Designed in Japan, these machines have stood the test of time. GoldStar Tool is proud to carry Juki sewing machines for both home and professional sewing. We can answer all your questions to make sure you get the right Juki for your needs. Established in 1990 in the world-renowned Fashion District of Los Angeles, Avieleah Supplies Center, the online division of Golden Cutting and Sewing Supplies, has quickly grown from its modest roots to an international supplier and the premier online destination for all of your fashion and sewing supplies. Whether its basic garment or craft supplies to sophisticated sewing equipment, we have all your needs covered.

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  • Suitable For: Denim, Leather, Quilting, Vinyl, Wool
  • Brand: Juki
  • Model: DDL-9000
  • MPN: DDL-9000
  • Operation: Electronic

JUKI DDL-9000C-SMS-NB-AK154 High-Speed Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine